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The gafatoken is a project that started in the 4th quarter of 2021, the project is made of multiple aspects. First, to create a crypto token by the name Gafa token. Second, to create an API that will increase functionality for developers, so they can integrate it with their systems and make the payment process simple. Third, to develop a P2E game by the name Gafala that will work in synergy with the other aspects of the project.

Our characters are designed to be customized in the way you want, dive into our virtual world & have unlimited fun!

Added-value for NFTs Assets can be used across the whole ecosystem. With a focus on NFT interoperability, assets can be used in multiple games at the same time, creating a whole new world of fun.

We are developing a new Application Programming Interface to be integrated with any system that you prefer to use in order to make the payment system easier, and to make your game or system interact with the blockchain.

The GafaVerse is a cross platform that can be enjoyed on all devices no matter where you are. Whether it is creating content or enjoying others’ creations, the gafaVerse rewards players, developers, and collectors for their engagement and enjoyment.

Our Core Services

We are aspired to expand the cryptocurrency market with real world financial assets

Smart Trading Modules

The ability to perform multiple tasks in a single module removes the need to specify and develop function-specific modules and greatly improves device integration, helping to create a more effective, simplified product.

Owned by Players

Players get true ownership of in-game assets. Utilizing the power of NFTs, assets you earn in games are owned by the player and live forever on the blockchain.

Added-value for NFTs

Assets can be used across the whole ecosystem. With a focus on NFT interoperability, assets can be used in multiple games at the same time, creating a whole new world of fun.


Unlike traditional P2E games, we use a system that is based on how active a player/character is. The more you play, the more gafa tokens you will earn. Simple… and FUN!


Gafa tokens will be needed to breed characters. Characters can be used to play in-game or traded in our in-house NFT marketplace.

Free To Play, Play To Earn

Users get rewarded for their engagement and enjoyment. GAFALA is a decentralized finance and games creating an ecosystem where developers, players, and collectors come together in one world.

Our Roadmap


Forge games that allow players to create real-world value while having fun. Create digital art with the blockchain as your canvas and monetize it in a breeze.

In the year 2065 a research facility on earth found a rare gem that has been never seen before, after many experiments on the gem they found out that the gem holds a tremendous amount of energy that can change the course of the future but the research facility has kept the research secret so it would never fall under the wrong hands. The research facility believed that this can be a game changer for the colonization process that is happening on mars. By this time earth was partially inhabitable and the people who could afford the trip to mars left and many were left behind on earth, the research facility built a base on mars hoping to find the same type of gem they found on their previous home, earth! After sending many excavation teams to different planets, they found a source on a planet and they called it Gafala, thus the Gafala project was initiated. At the beginning of 2078 the G facility sent out a contract for anyone with a requirement of owning a spaceship and having mechanical skills. The purpose of this contract was to form an excavation team and send them to Gafala planet but the information that was available for people was labeled confidential. The other member of the team was a G facility scientist with the task to find the location of the gems underground. It took them a four year journey to reach their destination, the team was made up of two members: Noah Nicholas as a pilot and excavator, Anya Arhur as a researcher and team manager. After their landing, they realized Gafala was not like any other planet they have seen before because from the looks of the surface, it seemed like a newborn planet covered with hot lava!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our developers are working hard to accomplish what we have planned from the beginning. We came to the good results, but we still need time to be able to publish the best play to earn a game that will take over the market and to make it fun for everyone.

The game will be in 3d version with many latest effects of gaming development features.

It is a mining game on another planet including other activities.

For sure, we will be releasing the beta version when it is ready. But according to our roadmap, we still focused on the game for the time being.

We will be announcing our partnership with other companies and platforms if we have reached an agreement with them, and we will be publishing on our platforms.

We will be announcing the date after the game is launched.

We will go according to the roadmap. We will be announcing if we come up with any updates through our social networks.

Please check our website for any questions regarding token allocation. www.gafa.co

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